Compiling "static" applications with SWT/GTK

Ranjit Mathew
Mon Dec 1 14:46:00 GMT 2003

Andrew Haley wrote:
>  > However, the problem is *usability* as pointed out
>  > earlier.
> It's been pointed out, but I do not believe that an executable
> packaged with a DSO is any less "usable" than a statically linked
> executable.

Compare the sizes of the statically linked (and
possibly stripped) executable and the dynamically
linked executable plus and you should
see what I mean.

Once again, this can possibly be improved upon
by breaking the monolithic into
smaller, relatively independent DSOs.

But till such a time, we should appreciate the
problem faced by developers of small applications
using GCJ and not abhor static linking the
way we seem to.

(Come to think of it, it's a Catch-22 like
situation - unless developers start depending
on, it won't be installed by
default on distributions, if at all, which
means that developers will be a bit reluctant
to make it a dependance...

On the other hand, being a part of GCC
increases its chance of being included by
default, the way is.)


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