Compiling "static" applications with SWT/GTK

Ranjit Mathew
Mon Dec 1 07:20:00 GMT 2003

Per Bothner wrote:
>> However, my opinion is that it's
>>never a good idea to force shared library dependency by default in 
>>situations where the shared library is not a pevasive near-universal 
>>standard.  Developers might not care, but the average end-user looks at 
>>you as if you're speaking Klingon when told that they have to install a 
>>new shared library.  That severely reduces acceptance of your 
>>applications, and I'm not even getting started on 
>>backwards-compatibility issues given the rapid advancement of libgcj.
> I don't understand the problem, at least on systems that use Elf

You make it look as if Steve is speaking Klingon! ;-)

Doesn't what he says make sense? AFAICT, is not
present even on most Linux users' system unless they are
running a newish distro, so either the developer has to
tell them to get this or bundle it with his application.
(Even if it were, unless the API is sort of frozen, the
issue will continue to persist.)

Both the scenarios are awkward, if not ugly, from a
usability POV.


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