libgcj signal handling problem

Andrew Haley
Wed Aug 20 11:18:00 GMT 2003

Cesar Eduardo Barros writes:
 > I applied the patch to the Debian sources of the version I was using
 > (gcc-3.3_3.3.1ds0-0pre0, which seems to be a gcc snapshot of 20030626)
 > and recompiled it. I had to fix the file manually after applying the
 > patch (it got confused by the fact that the variable declarations were
 > outside the functions), but it compiled fine.
 > After installing the fixed libgcj4 package, the testcase I attached in a
 > previous email worked fine. It didn't break anything on 2.4.20 (both the
 > testcase and iRATE ( still work fine). And the testcase
 > which originally discovered the bug (jakarta commons lang's) now runs
 > without crashing (4 failures, I'll look at it later).
 > So, I can say the patch fixes the bug and does not seem to break
 > anything.
 > I will send tomorrow a pointer to the patch to the Debian BTS to make
 > sure it gets in the next Debian package (so I don't have to recompile
 > anything).

Excellent.  I am most grateful for your help in this matter.


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