More new ABI ramblings

Andrew Haley
Tue Aug 19 16:21:00 GMT 2003 suggests that the
return type ought to be taken into account when generating a mangled

This class, generated from Generic Java, has two methods that look like this:

  Method name:"x" protected Signature: 13=()java.lang.Integer
  Attribute "Code", length:21, max_stack:3, max_locals:1, code_length:9

  Method name:"x" protected Signature: 16=()java.lang.Object
  Attribute "Code", length:17, max_stack:1, max_locals:1, code_length:5
  Attribute "Synthetic", length:0

Is there anything that we can do to disambiguate such cases?  Perhaps
we could change the Java name mangling so that it really does contain
the return type, and change the C++ compiler to match.


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