gcj and jikes

Geert Bevin gbevin@uwyn.com
Fri Apr 25 20:30:00 GMT 2003

Hi Erik,

I think you touch an important point here. I'd like to start 
contributing to gcj and lend a hand where it's possible, though I have 
no idea at all where to start and what needs to be done.

But I suppose that's a bit the problem of many big open-source 
initiatives :-/

On vrijdag, apr 25, 2003, at 22:22 Europe/Brussels, Erik Poupaert wrote:

>>>>>> I really don't see how something as big as generics is going to be
> implemented, given our
>>>>>> current apparent manpower.
> If I understand this right, making it easier on people or otherwise 
> more
> attractive to contribute would go a long way in solving outstanding
> technical issues. In such case the point w/r to integrating with Jikes,
> would probably be moot anyway.
> Most people I talk to about gcj, argue that this project is beyond 
> them;
> without even looking. There is perception, but I'm afraid there is 
> also some
> truth. By the way, does anybody know how Mauve testscripts are 
> supposed to
> be written? I've looked at several, and they all look different. Is 
> there
> some kind of standard?
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