Build-Breaking MingW 3.3 Stuff

Andrew Haley
Mon Apr 14 12:46:00 GMT 2003

Mohan Embar writes:
 > Hi Andrew,
 > >Very good.  I take it the patch we need is
 > >
 > That is correct.
 > >I can't help thinking that life would be much nicer if java.nio and
 > > had an OS abstraction layer that both used.  That way, fixing
 > >problems like this wouldn't touch common code.
 > This approach was discussed at length, but in the end,
 > Adam Megacz decided against it and instead
 > recommended forking the Win32 net code and Posix code
 > completely:

Sounds like that's exactly what I'm suggesting.

 > Michael has forked the Win32 and Posix code at the trunk:

That patch doesn't seem to touch java.nio, which is where the problem
we're discussing lies.


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