Build-Breaking MingW 3.3 Stuff

Mohan Embar
Mon Apr 14 12:44:00 GMT 2003

Hi Andrew,

>Very good.  I take it the patch we need is

That is correct.

>I can't help thinking that life would be much nicer if java.nio and
> had an OS abstraction layer that both used.  That way, fixing
>problems like this wouldn't touch common code.

This approach was discussed at length, but in the end,
Adam Megacz decided against it and instead
recommended forking the Win32 net code and Posix code

Michael has forked the Win32 and Posix code at the trunk:

...but Tom never responded when I asked whether this should
be done at the 3.3 level too and Michael asked Tom what to do
since Michael had no 3.3 tree:

-- Mohan

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