Build-Breaking MingW 3.3 Stuff (was Published Sources & Scripts for MingW GCC 3.3 Build)

Andrew Haley
Fri Apr 11 17:10:00 GMT 2003

Mohan Embar writes:
 > Andrew,
 > >Please check out and download the 3.3 branch and try it on Windows.
 > >
 > >If there's anything still broken we need to know.
 > I can tell you right away which things are broken that I know about.
 > Although I believe this list is complete, I will do another get and build
 > this weekend.

Thanks.  I checked in your strict case patch.  Of course I haven't
tested it, so please make sure you do that.

 > In general, I list extra unofficial or uncommitted patches on my download
 > page:
 > ...which provide a vague idea of what I think is missing from the sources.
 > Here is a more detailed list:
 > 1. Patch: Suppress MingW Build-Busting Net Code
 > Remarks: Michael Koch has split off the Win32 and Posix NET
 > code at the trunk, but not in 3.3. If his changes are deemed too
 > radical for 3.3, the above patch should be a quick an ugly fix
 > which suppresses the problems for 3.3. Michael had originally commented
 > that for gnu/java/nio/, I should really
 > define a do-nothing _Jv_select for Win32.. So there are three
 > possibilities (listed in descending order of correctness)
 > - apply Michael's trunk changes to 3.3
 > - define a dummy _Jv_select as per Michael
 > - just use my #ifdef in the above patch

Tom, do you care which one of these happens?

 > Applying Michael's changes (with a subsequent iteration on the
 > Win32 side to fix broken things) would be the most desirable, but
 > Michael said he wasn't able to commit to 3.3.
 > Doing a dummy _Jv_select would leave untouched.

Sounds good.  Can you please submit a patch that does this for 3.3?

 > 2. Patch: use elements + explicit cast
 > Michael found this to be correct and committed it to the trunk,
 > but not 3.3.

Michael, is there a good reason not to apply this to 3.3?

 > IRRITATING (but not build-breaking) PROBLEMS
 > 3. Patch for Preview: Escape DllMain in boehm-gc (Take 2)
 > Not having this prevents creating DLLs on Windows which
 > use the gcj runtime. Hans recently said that although the remedy
 > wasn't ideal, he was okay with this being checked in:

Tom?  What do you think?

 > 4. Patch: Make "os.arch" consistent with Sun's JDK on Win32
 > On MingW, System.getProperty("os.arch") returns i586 instead
 > if x86 which, though seemingly innocuous, causes some things
 > (like SWT) to behave incorrectly. Tom didn't put this in because
 > he said this stuff belongs more properly in and not here
 > (see the followup).

Okay, but let's do something simple like this for 3.3.

 > It looks like my case-sensitivity and Erik's 0-concatenation fixes are
 > going in, so I can stop hand-adding these and remove them from my
 > website.



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