Build-Breaking MingW 3.3 Stuff (was Published Sources & Scripts for MingW GCC 3.3 Build)

Mohan Embar
Fri Apr 11 14:54:00 GMT 2003


>Please check out and download the 3.3 branch and try it on Windows.
>If there's anything still broken we need to know.

I can tell you right away which things are broken that I know about.
Although I believe this list is complete, I will do another get and build
this weekend.

In general, I list extra unofficial or uncommitted patches on my download

...which provide a vague idea of what I think is missing from the sources.

Here is a more detailed list:


1. Patch: Suppress MingW Build-Busting Net Code

Remarks: Michael Koch has split off the Win32 and Posix NET
code at the trunk, but not in 3.3. If his changes are deemed too
radical for 3.3, the above patch should be a quick an ugly fix
which suppresses the problems for 3.3. Michael had originally commented
that for gnu/java/nio/, I should really
define a do-nothing _Jv_select for Win32.. So there are three
possibilities (listed in descending order of correctness)

- apply Michael's trunk changes to 3.3
- define a dummy _Jv_select as per Michael
- just use my #ifdef in the above patch

Applying Michael's changes (with a subsequent iteration on the
Win32 side to fix broken things) would be the most desirable, but
Michael said he wasn't able to commit to 3.3.
Doing a dummy _Jv_select would leave untouched.

2. Patch: use elements + explicit cast

Michael found this to be correct and committed it to the trunk,
but not 3.3.

IRRITATING (but not build-breaking) PROBLEMS

3. Patch for Preview: Escape DllMain in boehm-gc (Take 2)

Not having this prevents creating DLLs on Windows which
use the gcj runtime. Hans recently said that although the remedy
wasn't ideal, he was okay with this being checked in:

4. Patch: Make "os.arch" consistent with Sun's JDK on Win32

On MingW, System.getProperty("os.arch") returns i586 instead
if x86 which, though seemingly innocuous, causes some things
(like SWT) to behave incorrectly. Tom didn't put this in because
he said this stuff belongs more properly in and not here
(see the followup).

It looks like my case-sensitivity and Erik's 0-concatenation fixes are
going in, so I can stop hand-adding these and remove them from my

Finally, there are the cross-configury problems which still haven't
been 100% solved yet ( :( ). These prevent building a cross compiler
which successfully builds a MingW crossed-native compiler. As
I mentioned before, the current state of affairs is dead-wrong, and
although I haven't figured out the right way to do things yet, I could
at least submit something that is less wrong, would be incorrect
in the cases that things are currently wrong and would allow the
build of the MingW native compiler.

Like I said, I'll do another get and build this weekend, but doubt
I'll find anything other than this.

-- Mohan

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