RawData ?

Andrew Haley aph@redhat.com
Mon Apr 7 10:38:00 GMT 2003

Michael Koch writes:
 >  > 
 > Eeek, I already merged gnu.java.nio stuff a little bit which uses 
 > gnu.gcj.RawData. Thats why I wrote the mail. Currently the libgcj 
 > version uses gnu.gcj.RawData and the classpath version uses 
 > gnu.classpath.RawData. Execept the copyright statement and package 
 > name both java files are identical. Thats why I thought they could be 
 > merged.

Can't you just import gnu.gcj.* and gnu.classpath.* amd then use RawData?


Seriously though, IMO this needs to be thought about very carefully.
Perhaps there should be a common underlaying class for java.io and
java.nio that proveds all the needed functionality rather than passing
pointers around as RawData.  

I've used RawData myself to represent the address of the native code
for a method, but I'm still rather nervous about RawData becoming
widely used.  However, admittedly I'm not at all familiar with the
problem that you're trying to solve.


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