Inner interfaces should be inherited from implemented interfaces

Jean-Francois Briere
Thu Apr 3 18:49:00 GMT 2003


There is a problem with the visibility of inner interfaces of
interfaces that are implemented by classes. Those classes should
"see" the inner interfaces of the implemented interfaces.

Here is a simple test, which involves 2 JAVA files:

---------- -----------

public interface IA
    public interface InnerIA

---------- -----------

public class A implements IA
    private InnerIA dummy;


When I compile these 2 files with the JDK (1.3 and 1.4), its all OK:

javac *.java

But when I compile these 2 files with GCJ 3.3, there is an error:

gcj -C *.java error: Type `InnerIA' not found in declaration of field `dummy'.
       private InnerIA dummy;

I wonder if someone is currently working on it and if not,
could I have some pointers to help me resolve it?


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