libgcj platform support?

Per Bothner
Fri Oct 25 11:02:00 GMT 2002

Linux Journal will finally (supposedly) run my GCJ article.
But the editor asks for an update on platforms supported by
libgcj, and I don't really know.

I suggest a "Status" page, linked from the GCJ main page,
where we could list things that work and don't work, both
features and targets.  For example:


* Interpreter (using gij) comments.

* Verification, both at compile time (compiling classes to
namtive) and run-time (loading classes).  Neither has been
audited for completeness or corectness.

* An extensive class library - see below.

... etc ...


* java.util:  Fairly complete coverage corresponding to JDK 1.3.

* java.awt: A lot of code exists, but enough for actual
use in applications.

* javax.swing:  Some code exists, but enough for use in application.



* Intel x86 GNU/Linux: Works well.

* Intel x86 WIndows, using mingw32: Works reasonably well (in CVS).
Only target support, no host support (you must use a cross-compiler).

* s390x: Works (in CVS).


If people think this is a good idea, I'll check in a skeleton that
people can update.  For new ports/features we need a way to
differentiate "works in CVS" and "works in the current release".
	--Per Bothner

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