SAX inclusion in libgcj

Nic Ferrier
Thu Oct 24 11:36:00 GMT 2002

Mark Wielaard <> writes:

> > I've mentioned a couple of times that the ClasspathX project has a
> > full JAXP implementation (apart from the XSLT). Should we include a
> > regular feed of GNUJAXP in GCJ?
> >
> > It seems silly to have the SAX classes in 2 places within the GNU
> > project.
> >
> > The GNUJAXP implementation is licenced under the GPL+exception (that
> > was done _specficially_ so the GCJ and Classpath projects could use
> > it).
> I think that is a good idea and if the copyright is assigned to the FSF
> there should be no problem at all with integrating it. Except for
> actually doing it which always takes more time than is available :) But
> I thought that Gnu Jaxp was still in beta. Is there an official release
> already? Then it would certainly make sense in pull this in.

Why would we need a copyright assignment? It's just a downstream
provider isn't it?

GNUJAXP is ready for release. It's simply about when I have the time
to make the announcement and change the webpage, etc...

> > PS why does fastjar not work with the libgcj jar file?!
> I was not aware of that. It is certainly a bug. Could you file a bug
> report for this.

I'll try and do that tommorow.


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