SAX inclusion in libgcj

Mark Wielaard
Thu Oct 24 10:26:00 GMT 2002


On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 16:20, wrote:
> I'm just beginning the process of making a native build of
> GNU-Paperclips (my servlet container).
> Paperclips relies on GNUJAXP which delivers the SAX classes.
> Unfortunately, so does libgcj. When I compile the relevant libs and
> run the linked code I get this error:
> libgcj failure: Duplicate class registration: org.xml.sax.SAXException
> Is there a way of dealing with this?

Interesting. What would you expect? For traditional java programs the
core boot classes normally override anything provided by the program
(unless -bootclasspath is given). Does this behaviour also make sense
for binaries produced with gcj? Note that if you tried to compile with
-static you will probably always have problems linking.

Maybe the compiled classes in an .so file (or only the file)
could be given a slightly different name so that JvRegisterClass could
see the difference between classes loaded from the main program and from
the core classes?
But I know not enough about these issues to come up with a real

> I've mentioned a couple of times that the ClasspathX project has a
> full JAXP implementation (apart from the XSLT). Should we include a
> regular feed of GNUJAXP in GCJ?
> It seems silly to have the SAX classes in 2 places within the GNU
> project.
> The GNUJAXP implementation is licenced under the GPL+exception (that
> was done _specficially_ so the GCJ and Classpath projects could use
> it).

I think that is a good idea and if the copyright is assigned to the FSF
there should be no problem at all with integrating it. Except for
actually doing it which always takes more time than is available :) But
I thought that Gnu Jaxp was still in beta. Is there an official release
already? Then it would certainly make sense in pull this in.

> PS why does fastjar not work with the libgcj jar file?!

I was not aware of that. It is certainly a bug. Could you file a bug
report for this.



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