duplicate classes (SAX problem)

Nic Ferrier nferrier@tapsellferrier.co.uk
Thu Oct 24 11:33:00 GMT 2002

Mark Wielaard <mark@klomp.org> writes:

> Hi,
> On Thu, 2002-10-24 at 11:13, nferrier@tapsellferrier.co.uk wrote:
> >
> > Instead of throwing an exception shouldn't this somehow allow the use
> > of the existing (already loaded) class?
> This does make sense to me since it mimics that way traditional java
> implementations work. Only the first class with a certain name (from the
> same package and classloader) is loaded into the runtime, others are
> ignored.
> Would making that change here make sense or do we get problems later on?
> Nic, have you tried just commenting out if block?

I'm testing some thoughts about fixing it. When I find out some stuff
I'll let the list know.


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