GCJ-gererated Executables crashes with segfault when statically linked.

Linuxhippy linuxhippy@web.de
Sat Nov 23 15:02:00 GMT 2002

The problem occured with two completly different libs, but both are 
using jni. I dont have tried any other libs with gcj till now...

An exaple:

gcj libswt.a code.java -o test    //This works fine, althought I´ve t do 
first compiling, that linkning, not as shown here
gcj libswt.a libgcj.a code.java -o test  //The executable crashes with 
segfault at startup. (I´e tols the compilier to not use the shared 
version of libgcj.so (simply deleted it))

gcj libswt.so code.java -static -o test  //The executable crashes again...

Even first compiling and than linking doesnt have an influence to the 

So what I need to do, that I can use a statically linked (libgcj, 
libswt) program, that runs without any external libs (except from libs 
installed  on every system like libc).

Sorry for asking so much stuff, butt gcj is really a very great program, 
but a little bit very complex for a stupid newbie like me. So please 
dont feel angry, if I´m nerving you. Newbies can be so nerving *g*

Mfg Linuxhippy

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