another gdb question

Andrew Haley
Sat Nov 16 06:11:00 GMT 2002

Nic Ferrier writes:
 > Getting paperclips to work natively is like pulling teeth.
 > Paperclips uses gnujaxp: compiled natively (either from byte code or
 > source) it gives an IO error. It's the sort of error that needs
 > tracing with the debugger.
 > I can load paperclips in the debugger easily, but when I try to set a
 > break point I get all sorts of problems.
 > I seem to be able to complete a class name from the paperclips binary
 > (but not from the gnujaxp library).
 > I cannot seem to complete a method name, or get GDB to accept it in
 > any form.

You can't set a breakpoint in a DSO until it has been loaded.  If your
executable is linked against the DSO you should be able to set a
breakpoint once main has started.


gdb> b foo
gdb> r
... break
gdb> b 'gnu::jaxp::whatever'

Also see 'info share' to see if the DSO has been loaded.


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