Ranjit Mathew
Sun Nov 10 12:52:00 GMT 2002

Ranjit Mathew wrote:
> The current libgcj code uses ""
> as the default Toolkit. Obviously this needs to change
> based on the platform - for example, for Win32, the default
> should be something like "" -
> this class is not there, but someone with suitable
> skills and the drive should be able to create it and the
> corresponding peers.

Fernando Lozano suggests that we use GTK peers on Win32
as well - GTK for Win32 has been available for some time
now (Tor Lillqvist, the maintainer of The GIMP on Windows,
has created the port):

The obvious advantage to this approach is that we can get
started very quickly with AWT on Win32. It also means that
GCJ uses GTK more or less uniformly on all platforms for

The disadvantages I can see include the fact that users
will have to install yet another library/DLL to use AWT
programs on Windows (this is true on Unix as well, BTW)
and that the GTK widgets don't look and feel all that great,
IMHO, when compared to native Windows widgets.

What do you guys suggest?


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