Ranjit Mathew
Thu Nov 7 21:42:00 GMT 2002

R. A. Rivas Diaz wrote:
> What I really like is a somehow pluggable awt library, so i can run an
> AWT application using the GTK implementation, or a QT implementation,
> or a Win32 implementation, or an X only implementation... etc... so the
> user can see the application he want's to run using his(her) preferred
> widget library.

AWT implementations are already pluggable - in libgcj as well
as in Sun's JRE - all you need to do is to define a system
property "awt.toolkit" to a subclass of "java.awt.Toolkit"
that provides the peer widgets you need.

The current libgcj code uses ""
as the default Toolkit. Obviously this needs to change
based on the platform - for example, for Win32, the default
should be something like "" -
this class is not there, but someone with suitable
skills and the drive should be able to create it and the
corresponding peers.

I'm interested in doing this but for the teeny-weeny problem
of not knowing an iota of Win32 GUI programming and widgets. ;-)

Maybe someone can take the initiative...

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