JNI in GCJ 3.2 for Win32

Frank Jacobs forkjake@yahoo.com
Wed Nov 6 14:02:00 GMT 2002

Ranjit> 3. In particular, if we use the "stdcall" calling convention
Ranjit> for calling native methods, then the JNI stub generation
Ranjit> function build_jni_stub( ) in "gcc/java/expr.c" *must* be able
Ranjit> to generate the correct call. Otherwise the Java program dies
Ranjit> with an "UnsatisfiedLinkError" for the native method in
Ranjit> question.

Tom> build_jni_stub isn't the real problem.  This will always generate an
Tom> ordinary call to _Jv_JNIMethod::call.  This is the function that has
Tom> problem.  It seems to me that we'll need to teach libffi about
Tom> stdcall.

It would be really cool to get this resolved. I've run into this when
trying to use JNI DLLs created by non-GCC compilers. My JNI method calls
fail since the DLLs use the STDCALL calling convention.


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