groan: installation

Tom Tromey
Mon Nov 4 10:36:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Megacz <> writes:

Adam> This is a red herring; you can always use kaffe and one of the
Adam> free javac's to bootstrap.

Moving libgcj to ant is a non-starter.  This isn't about my dislike
for ant, but rather simply decisions made by the GNU project, and
accepted by the gcc maintainers, about how gcc will build.  To put it
into perspective, gcc still can be built with a pre-ANSI C compiler.
Moving away from make isn't going to happen.

That said, I'm interested in hearing about why you like ant.  My
experiences with it have been uniformly negative.  This isn't the
forum for that discussion though.  Maybe we could talk off list.


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