groan: installation

Per Bothner
Mon Nov 4 11:24:00 GMT 2002

Adam Megacz wrote:

> >And how do you get those?  I can see linux, freebsd, and nextstep
> >binaries for a few architectures on the kaffe web site.  Say you were
> >building gcc on an IA-64?  Or, for that matter, a System/390?
> AFAIK the kaffe source is ANSI C, just like gcc is.

Kaffe, like GCJ, contaisn target-dependent code.  Kaffe will
not run on platforms.  It don't know if Kaffe will run on any
ANSI C-compatible system.  I'm sure it is possible to implement
a JVM in pure portable ANSI C code, but I doubt Kaffe does.

You're not seriously suggesting that in order to build GCJ
people have to first build Kaffe?

Ant may make sense for RHUG, which is a set of Java applications
tweaked/tested/ported to GCJ, and RHUG should probably include Ant.
But requiring Ant to build GCJ does not seem to make sense, I think.
Perhaps when Ant can handle all the functionality of autoconf and
automake as well, and I hear more reports about people using it for
complex non-Javat projects, then perhaps it might be worth considering
	--Per Bothner

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