Implementing Universal Character Names in identifiers

Martin v. Löwis
Fri Nov 1 01:41:00 GMT 2002

Tom Tromey <> writes:

> One is how non-ascii characters are mangled in symbol names.  We have
> something in place now, but I don't think we have a strong requirement
> for a particular approach.  If something else is preferred for C++, I
> imagine we could change gcj for compatibility.  Note that we don't yet
> make ABI stability promises about gcj's output.

That sounds good. Are you currently making use of non-ASCII
identifiers anywhere? If not, would it be acceptable to not provide
them on platforms that lack assembler capabilities?

My plan would be to use UTF-8 in object files everywhere *unless* the
system vendor defines a different mapping (for C99). To my knowledge,
this escape clause would apply on no system at the moment.

[generating C++ header files]
> I assume this is solved by emitting \u escapes in the .h file.

Correct, that should work fine.


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