Patch: FYI: verifier -vs- merged subroutines

Nic Ferrier
Thu Jan 31 05:22:00 GMT 2002

Tom Tromey <> writes:

> I've also written a couple test cases for subroutine merging and 
> checked them in to Mauve.  And, I imported Jasmin into rhug to make it 
> easy to build the new test cases (which are written in bytecode 
> assembler). 
> I think this patch will fix Nic's recent bug report. 

You're right it did. But now there's another one:

fatal error: verification failed at PC 337 in
      incompatible type in local variable

This is exactly the same code as before. Though I can't tell whether
this is because of your patch or another problem entirely.

Nic Ferrier

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