More questions about _GLOBAL

Adam Megacz
Wed Jan 30 15:58:00 GMT 2002

Anthony Green <> writes:
> One idea is to create a special "ignored" class which
> _Jv_RegisterClass is taught to ignore, and then use linker tricks to
> alias$ to the ignored class.

Do you know what linker tricks I should use?

The main problem I've run into is that the relocation that writes the
address of the class$ variable into the __GLOBAL_ section is a
file-local relocation. The relocation that writes the address of the
__GLOBAL into the .ctors section is also a file-local reloc.

According to the binutils gurus:

Adam> Is there any way to get the first behavior (0x0) when stripping
Adam> file-local symbols?

Ian Lance Taylor> What happens when you do this is processor and
Ian Lance Taylor> object file format dependent.  The fact that you get
Ian Lance Taylor> a zero in some cases is a coincidence.  The fact
Ian Lance Taylor> that you get the address of the start of the section
Ian Lance Taylor> in other cases is also a coincidence.

Basically when you break a file-local relocation, the result is
platform-specific and undefined. Win32 just randomly picks another
symbol to use instead. There's also no linker command to change or
create a new file-local symbols; only global ones (and file-local
symbols take higher priority over global ones when resolving

> If Windows used the .jcr mechanism you would simply strip the class
> reference from the .jcr section.

Sadly, that too is a file-local relocation. Aargh.

I've come up with a solution (see next post), but if you could help me
figure out exactly what linker trick to use, it would be much more
elegant than what I ended up doing.

  - a

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