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Martyn Honeyford
Tue Jan 29 08:48:00 GMT 2002


I am the author of the referenced article and I am glad that it has
sparked some interest on this mailing list.

I'd just like to take this opportunity to reply to some of the comments
I've received so far;

"Nic Ferrier" wrote:
>Ooohhh... what a suprise. The IBM jre wins every test.
>Who'd have thought it?

Hmmm, well it came as quite a surprise to me to be honest ;-)
It is clear from your tone that you are implying that I was biased when
writing the article.
Someone else has also accused me of being biased on the "official"
discussion forum for this article over on developerWorks, their comment
is here;
And my reply is here;

"Bryce McKinlay", "Tom Tromey" wrote:
> ... some stuff about using ints rather than longs

Very interesting - I've put an update regarding this on;

When I have time, I will alter to use ints and publish the
results on the discussion forum.

Further comments regarding the article are welcome - if you read the
article at;
then please also take the time to rate the article at the bottom of the

I will be monitoring this mailing list, but I will probably respond
more quickly to posts on the "official" discussion forum at;

I am also considering writing a follow-up article, so please feel free
to suggest things that I should cover.
I am planning on trying some more native compilers and also perhaps
trying to use some more "real world" applications rather than just

For the next article, I would like to try to run the native executable
under win32 (using cygwin if necessary) as this will allow me to
compare against more compilers (as more are available for Win32 than
I have so far been unable, however, to get gcj to run under cygwin -
I tried building gcc 3.0 and 3.1 from sources a few months ago without
any luck.

Anyone know if it is possible to produce win32 binaries using gcj?
I don't mind cross-compiling from Linux if required.


Martyn Honeyford.
IBM WebSphere MQ Development

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