build error

Tom Tromey
Thu Jan 24 17:18:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Dachuan" == Dachuan Yu <> writes:

Dachuan> I got the following error when trying "make bootstrap" on the
Dachuan> version of gcj that I checked out from the cvs this
Dachuan> afternoon. Actually I also got this error last night, which
Dachuan> was on the version that I checked out at that time. Is there
Dachuan> something that I did wrong?

No, you did fine.  There is a bug in gcc.  I suspect it is not a gcj
bug but rather a back-end bug; the java.awt.image code compiled just
fine with a slightly older compiler.  I've updated my tree and I'm
rebuilding in an attempt to see the problem here.


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