link problems under darwin5.2

Tom Tromey
Sun Jan 6 11:14:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Tobler <> writes:

Andreas> From my point of view I find them:
Andreas> e.g MAIN_CLASS

Andreas> 00001148 D __ZN4java4util3jar15Attributes$Name10MAIN_CLASSE


Andreas> in the .libs/libgcj.a I find MAIN_CLASS as well:

Andreas>          U __ZN4java4util3jar15Attributes$Name10MAIN_CLASSE

The `U' means there is a reference to this symbol, not that it is
defined.  So it looks like this symbol is indeed not in the archive.

Does `ar t' tell you that the .o file is in the archive?
If not, then that is the problem.
If the .o is in the archive, extract it somewhere and look at that .o.
Perhaps somehow the .a was built incorrectly?
You could try removing the .a/.la/.so files and rebuilding.


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