darwin and java status

Andrew Haley aph@cambridge.redhat.com
Thu Feb 7 02:27:00 GMT 2002

Andreas Tobler writes:
 > Andreas Tobler wrote:
 > > One odd thing I see, I have to point the CLASSPATH to the libjava build
 > > directory (the installation directory doesn't work), also the .class
 > > file has to be there otherwise I get a Bus Error (from gij, the binary
 > > can sit where it wants). This I don't understand. I can provide a
 > > backtrace from gdb.
 > After setting up the classpath as this (installation dir of gcc)
 > setenv ${CLASSPATH}:/Volumes/reserved1/gcctmp/share
 > setenv ${CLASSPATH}:/Volumes/reserved1/gcctmp/lib
 > setenv ${CLASSPATH}:/Volumes/reserved1/gcctmp/bin
 > I no more get Bus Errors and I can run the gij where I want with a
 > .class file sitting somewhere.
 > Did I miss a FAQ?

I take it that you have done a full "make install".

For some reason it seems that your libgcj is not finding the class
files it needs.  I can't imagine why that is: I guess it's necessary
to debug in order to find out.


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