Java is dead... but it could still be saved!

Kevin A. Burton
Mon Feb 4 14:05:00 GMT 2002

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I just created a new mailing list:

You can sign up here:


Are you upset at the way Java is being handled by SUN?

Do you feel lied to about the fact that SUN is still keeping Java proprietary
even after they promised us for *years* that it would be standardized?

Are you looking towards .NET/C# as an alternative but still optimistic about Java?

Do you *hate* the JCP?

Are you sick of the fact that SUN keeps throwing new features into the VM and
bloating it beyond belief?

Do you want SUN to Open Source Java?

Do you want to collaborate around other Open Source Java implementations?


I created the java-is-dead mailing list to address these issues.

Note that this mailing list is a place to help fix things.  The java-is-dead
mailing list is for people who love Java but are *very* concerned.

Please feel free to forward this email or link to the mailing list from your


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