Problem --with-gc=simple.

Bryce McKinlay
Thu Jul 26 18:23:00 GMT 2001

Antonio Ake wrote:

> I need my target binaries without mmap because I am using a simulator
> which doesn't implement it. I was reading that If i use the option
> --with-gc=simple I can disable the use of mmap in my target binaries. Is
> this true?

No. "--with-gc" only affects what GCC itself uses for its internal garbage

"--with-java-gc" is the option to control the garbage collector that Java
binaries actually use. There are only two options, "boehm" and "none".
"none" will use malloc() for allocations and you will have no garbage
collection, but this maybe useful during development/debugging.

You probibly want to look in the boehm-gc directory and see if you can make it
use something other than mmap() on your target. Take a look at os-dep.c.



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