Nic Ferrier
Tue Jul 10 22:26:00 GMT 2001

>>> Tom Tromey <> 11-Jul-01 6:15:34 AM >>>

Nic> If no one has any objections I will getopt enable gij.

Tom> Could you do it for native-only builds?

Actually I worked out a good reason why it's not being used. 

AFAIK getopt doesn't support options like this:


we need to of course.

What I'd like to do is make it longopt compatible... but for now I'm
just adding the code to make it work the way the Sun VM does (in other
words I'm providing extension lib functionality with a build
configurable extension lib and the default with the debian policy).

   Oh, I remember now that we only build gij for natives.
   So maybe we're ok.  We could just link in libiberty.

I don't really understand any of this... someone should write some
doc about how linking is done in things like this (sorry: the autoconf
book is not idiot proof enough).

   We really need to clarify our licensing set-up in the manual.
   Right now it is too confusing; you might end up with libltdl 
   included when you don't want it.

I agree. Whatever that means   /8->


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