Tom Tromey
Tue Jul 10 21:53:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Nic" == Nic Ferrier <> writes:

Nic> Any reason why gij doesn't use the getopt library?

The reason is licensing.  gij is GPL+exception, so it can be used
universally.  getopt isn't.

Now, I think this reason isn't too serious.  We already use an LGPL
piece in libgcj (the libltdl library), but we only enable it for
native ports, where the more restrictive licensing isn't really a

We could easily do this with gij.  In reality I imagine people aren't
too likely to use an unmodified gij in their embedded application.

Nic> If no one has any objections I will getopt enable gij.

Could you do it for native-only builds?

Oh, I remember now that we only build gij for natives.  So maybe we're
ok.  We could just link in libiberty.

We really need to clarify our licensing set-up in the manual.  Right
now it is too confusing; you might end up with libltdl included when
you don't want it.


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