Current status of "gcj"

Boehm, Hans
Wed Feb 7 12:21:00 GMT 2001

The code is all there.  It mostly worked once with a severely grafted source
tree.  (There were some problems with exceptions at the time, but I suspect
those extended beyond Java.  And they may have bee related to the tree

AFAIK, gcj has never been included in the IA64 toolchain snapshots put
together by Jim Wilson, but there is no fundamental reason for that (other
than Jim Wilson's time, or lack thereof). 

I will try to build the current CVS gcc tree with Java on one of our
machines, and make sure that more or less works.  It should now be much
easier now than the last time I tried.  (It wasn't promising until a few
days ago, due to more generic gcj tree merge issues.)


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> Shameem> I would like to know the current status of "gcj" on
> Shameem> Itanium. Is there anybody from the list would be able to
> Shameem> provide me information about the status. I am planning to use
> Shameem> the information to present about "gcj" as a part of my
> Shameem> presentation. Please let me know at your earliest
> Shameem> convenience.
> I don't know the current status of gcc for IA-64.  I know that most
> IA-64 Linux distributions are still using a "Cygnus" gcc.  I don't
> know if this gcc has been sync'ed with the public repository.
> I do know that all the Java work for IA-64 is in the public cvs
> repository.  This is a full gcj port, including the interpreter.  I
> assume it works, but I have not tried it.  Testing this hasn't been a
> priority for me, I'm afraid.
> Tom

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