bug in the ClassLoader

Tony Knaus awk@spinnakernet.com
Mon Aug 27 15:13:00 GMT 2001

Anthony Green wrote:
> > This bug occured when I built a separate shared
> > library with java security objects from the gnu classpath
> > to supply missing definitions to Tomcat
> Hmm.. what's missing?  I am building Tomcat without having to add missing
> classes to libgcj.


Imports from java.security  CodeSource, Permissions,
and ProtectionDomain.


needs AccessController


references both ProtectionDomain and AccessController



references AccessController.

But now that I understand better how Tomcat is configured
and how it works I see that these classes are not needed
for my purposes. After removing them from the build
I can now compile Tomcat (and run) without supplementing 

Thanks for the tip!


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