bug in the ClassLoader

Anthony Green green@redhat.com
Mon Aug 27 07:23:00 GMT 2001

Tony wrote:
> While trying to build Apache Tomcat I have stumbled
> across a condition where the buckets in the hash table implementing
> the class cache in java/lang/natClassLoader.cc become populated with
> cycles in the linked list.

Sorry - I can't help with this immediate problem, but, you wrote:
> This bug occured when I built a separate shared
> library with java security objects from the gnu classpath
> to supply missing definitions to Tomcat

Hmm.. what's missing?  I am building Tomcat without having to add missing
classes to libgcj.

I have a nice autoconf/automake/libtool tree for building tomcat, xerces,
xalan, log4j, tritonus, rhino and others.  Some stuff works pretty well -
others (like tomcat) need help.  I'm hoping to put the whole tree up for cvs
soon as I suspect many people are trying to get packages like these built
with gcj and cooperation will help move things along.


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