COLLECT_GCC_OPTIONS broken on trunk and gcc-3.0 branch

David Edelsohn
Thu Aug 9 20:46:00 GMT 2001

>>>>> Mark Mitchell writes:

Mark> Please revert Rainer's patch on the 3.0 branch, and verify that
Mark> this solves the problem.  On the mainline, we should wait the requisite
Mark> 48 hours to see if anyone else steps up to solve the problem; if not,
Mark> we have one vote to revert the patch (mine) and we will need another
Mark> to revert it.

	No one has stepped up to fix this.  Removing the patch does fix
the problem.

	Reverting Rainer's patch on the branch means reverting the latest
Java fixes on the branch as well because they use the gcc.c changes.  This
is getting complicated.

	I guess that I need to revert everything unless the Java
developers step up to the plate.


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