Get target libraries to obtain thread information from GCC

Loren James Rittle
Tue Apr 24 18:36:00 GMT 2001

> Loren> Excellent! I whole-heartily support this patch.  It removes the
> Loren> need for (at least) 2 local patches I had in my tree to get
> Loren> threaded Java libraries buildable on my system.

> Did you report these problems?  I don't see anything in my Java folder :-(

What problems?  I was merely commenting on another person's patch that
incrementally improves things and reduces the complexity of pending,
non-submitted configuration patches I have to allow libgcj to be
enabled for another platform where it is currently disabled.  (BTW,
still not submitted, since libgcj still doesn't work here when
top-level is configured with --enable-threads=posix. ;-( )

I am sorry if I didn't make it completely clear that I was referring
to a system where libgcj is currently disabled by default.  I meant no
slight on libgcj by implying any unreported problems that I have kept

Would you like e-mail to be sent to confirming that
libgcj doesn't build on particular platforms upon which it is
currently disabled and exactly how it fails? ;-/


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