Query about Help Needed

Maurice DIAMANTINI diam@ensta.fr
Tue Apr 3 02:29:00 GMT 2001

James Schatzman said:
> Could you please tell me what kinds of help are needed for GCJ?
> For example, would it be helpful to have an FSF 100%-Java version
> of Java 2 extensions?  I would like to get involved but I need some
> clues
> about what is needed, time schedules, etc.

1 - By making tclblend working with gcj, we'd get native tcl/tk
working with java !

2 - Also, could vecmat package from java3d ported into gcjlib ?

I think speed is one of first thing which could bring
java user to gcj, so if there were a flag
such as --noBoundArrayTest in gcj, it could help
to make C and C++ user to java.

And I think more gcj user there are, more contributor there
will be.

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