classpath question

Tom Tromey
Wed Sep 13 18:24:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Per" == Per Bothner <> writes:

Per> There is a proposed Debian policy for Java, and there have been
Per> some suggestions/comments on the debian Java list.  Gcj should be
Per> compatible with Debian policy or vice versa, given Debian status
Per> as the GNU OS.  I don't believe your proposal is compatible with
Per> the proposed policy.

I re-read this.

First, the policy is just a proposal.

Second, it seems significantly less useful than what Anthony
suggested.  In his scheme there is no need to change CLASSPATH if you
are using packages installed systemwide.  This is akin to how C
programming works -- install headers and a library, and everybody on
the system is good to go.

I think we should do what makes sense for gcj.  We can always provide
a configure flag so that Debian packagers can make gcj works their

Last, I'd rather see Debian change their spec so that the default
CLASSPATH for a compiler would include the packages installed in
/usr/share/java/.  They could do this for non-free compilers by
writing a wrapper program (or hacking the existing one in the case of
Sun's JDK).


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