Another Make

Cedric Berger
Tue Oct 10 15:24:00 GMT 2000

> Bad points: this is basically redoing Ant which is inherently stupid!
> However
> - it would not be targeted at the same VM,
> - it would not be released under the same license,
> - and it would not be a big duplication of effort anyway because this is
>   still a little application.
> So the whole idea make sense to me! What do you think?

The same as you: redoing Ant, which is moreover provided with such
a liberal license, is inherently stupid!
We, developers, don't want/like/need fragmentation.

Beside: If you really want a GPL Ant, there is an easier way to redo
  - Download Ant source
  - Rename it Dog
  - Stick the GPL license on it
  - Give a few due acknowlegments
  - That's it.

This is the beauty of the BSD license.

Of course, if you feel like reprogramming Ant is a good and fun 
exercise for you, do it; but please don't publish the result,
unless it is really really better.

Sorry for the flame,


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