Another Make

Olivier Louchart-Fletcher
Tue Oct 10 14:50:00 GMT 2000

On Wed, Sep 27, 2000 at 08:29:58PM -0700, burtonator wrote:

> These are some notes I have kept on the subject:
> - It needs to be GPL
> - What do we do for a testing framework?  It would be nice to use
> Ant/Arrowhead 
>   but this is not Free software/GPL. ( )

I am wondering how much interest do you have in an Ant like Make utility
but released under GPL and specially targeted at gcj?

I am seriously tented to write one. These are my motivations.

1 - This is a small size application which would be ideal for me to
start serious work around the gcj project. 

2 - GPL Licencing. Also I like the Apache software foundation, I am
not so kind with the licence and the fact that the Apache foundation build
software only on the ground of there existing code and would tend to
redo something rather than depending on a GPL version. To finish with
the licence issue I also wouldn't mind Java GPL softwares to become
the norm (more numerous) rather than alternative licencing.

3 - Making things easy for GPL Java software targeted at gcj. It
should be useful to be able to package a little make file utility as
part of a software, ensuring easy compilation and installation for the end
user. If both, the make file and the software are targeted at gcj and
release under GPL that should make things really smooth.

Bad points: this is basically redoing Ant which is inherently stupid!
- it would not be targeted at the same VM, 
- it would not be released under the same license,
- and it would not be a big duplication of effort anyway because this is
  still a little application.

So the whole idea make sense to me! What do you think?



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