Question: Safe extension language

Luc Van den Borre
Thu Jun 29 16:22:00 GMT 2000

First of all, apologies for this vague sounding newbie question.

I'm considering using Java compiled with GCJ in a commercial game, as an end-user extension language.

I would like to give my users the opportunity to write modifications for the game in Java, but I don't have a budget for
licensing any of the commercial VMs, so I was hoping to use GCJ.

The way this would work is that users would submit their Java code to our server, which would compile it into a DLL and
cryptographically sign it. The resulting executable could then be safely used by other people, without fear that they're
downloading a malicious script.

Basically, I want to use the Java language for it's type and memory-safeness. I just want the core language, with as
little extra libraries as possible. The Java programs should only be able to link to functions provided by the game or
by other Java modules.

I'm quite new to Java and GCJ, so I'd really appreciate comments on the above. Does it sound feasible? Is GCJ at this
point stable enough for this?

Thanks very much!

--Luc Van den Borre

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