ANNOUNCE: New "Jacks" Java project is online.

Mo DeJong
Wed Jun 28 19:13:00 GMT 2000

Hi all.

I thought I would post a short "heads up" message
to let everyone know about the new Java compiler
regression testing project hosted by the
kind folks at IBM that brought you the Jikes
Java compiler. The Jacks project is a
"sister project" to Jikes, it seeks to provide
a test suite to test how well a Java
compiler adheres to the JLS. The cool thing
about this project is that is also works with
other Java compilers. The default configuration
supports javac, jikes, gcj, and kaffe (kopi).

Once a set of JLS test cases are created,
they can be used with any of the free Java
compiler projects. It is extremely easy
to add a new test case and Jacks also
includes an automated documentation
generation tool, so the docs are always
up to date. Jacks is licensed under
the GPL.

If you want to check out Jacks, here is
the CVS info and the mailing list info.


setenv CVSROOT :pserver:anoncvs@CVS.Sourcery.Org:/cvs/jikes

cvs login
paswsd anoncvs

cvs checkout jacks

See the jacks/jacks.html file to get started.


(send subscribe message to)

(this should go in the message body)
subscribe jacks

(wait for conformation message, then reply with)
auth XXXX subscribe jacks EMAIL

After you have subscribed, you can post messages

Mo DeJong
Red Hat Inc

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