automake & libgcj

Tom Tromey
Thu Jun 15 17:47:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Bryce" == Bryce McKinlay <> writes:

Bryce> Is there a recipe for getting an automake that works correctly
Bryce> with libgcj?

Bryce> Using redhat's automake 1.4 (hacked to remove the "file can't
Bryce> be in a subdirectory" error) works, but the resulting
Bryce> is not formatted as well as the one in cvs.

Do you mean the version of 1.4 ("1.4a") which shipped with RH 6.x?
That verison is known to be broken :-(

Try the FSF 1.4, with the hack you mention.

Bryce> Using the latest cvs automake I get:

Yeah, that won't work either.  Bummer.

I need to find time to finish automake 1.5.  That event seems highly


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