assemble_external on .class files

Mark Klein
Tue May 25 18:33:00 GMT 1999

At 03:19 PM 5/22/99 -0600, Jeffrey A Law wrote:

>  > My first attempt at 
>  > resolving this was to place an assemble_external() in
>  > but that results in a lot of clutter with .IMPORT statements for a 
>  > whole bunch of things that really are not referenced.

>I wouldn't worry about the extra .IMPORTs.  In fact, it's a little known
>aspect of SOM that the assembler is responsible for _not_ adding an imported
>symbol to the undefined symbols for a module if that symbol is not actually

Turns out that this also isn't a complete solution, partially because 
assemble_external is looking for DECL_EXTERNAL. The tree field used
for DECL_EXTERNAL is also used for METHOD_NATIVE for java. That also
explains why certain .IMPORTs were happening and others were not ...
only native methods were getting the .IMPORTs. 

There may be another problem here in that DECL_EXTERNAL is explicitly
set in various places and could ultimately end up in a usage conflict
between it and the usage of METHOD_NATIVE elswhere in the code.



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