assemble_external on .class files

Jeffrey A Law
Tue May 25 19:41:00 GMT 1999

  In message < >you write:
  > Turns out that this also isn't a complete solution, partially because 
  > assemble_external is looking for DECL_EXTERNAL. The tree field used
  > for DECL_EXTERNAL is also used for METHOD_NATIVE for java. That also
  > explains why certain .IMPORTs were happening and others were not ...
  > only native methods were getting the .IMPORTs. 
  > There may be another problem here in that DECL_EXTERNAL is explicitly
  > set in various places and could ultimately end up in a usage conflict
  > between it and the usage of METHOD_NATIVE elswhere in the code.
  > Suggestions?
Split up DECL_EXTERNAL and METHOD_NATIVE.  It seems awful strange/wrong to
have them overloaded on the same bit.  Can someone from the Java side 
explain why they're using the same bit?  Especially since DECL_EXTERNAL has
a well defined meaning already.  It seems to me using a lang specific flag
would make a lot more sense for METHOD_NATIVE.


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