Trying to compile iHash hasher.

Tom Tromey
Mon May 24 15:25:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Anthony" == Anthony Green <> writes:

Anthony> -  // SET ("java.class.path", "FIXME");
Anthony> +  SET ("java.class.path", ".");

Anthony> An intermediate solution would be to set these properties at
Anthony> configure time.  The real problem is that we like our tools
Anthony> to be location independent - allowing you to move install
Anthony> trees from one place to another and still have them work.

Note that location-independence is a Cygnus change that isn't part of
egcs yet.  Nobody has had time to submit it to egcs yet.  I keep
forgetting this, which is why the "requirement" for location
independence snuck into libgcj.

Anthony> Maybe we should set these properties at link time via
Anthony> jvgenmain?  I think that might work.

I think this makes sense.  It's really the same idea as compiling in
the path to the shared library.  It does mean that jvgenmain has to be
changed to find the .zip file (or we have to change gcj to pass this
info to jvgenmain somehow).


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