Trying to compile iHash hasher.

Anthony Green
Sun May 23 11:08:00 GMT 1999

Denis wrote:
> I have tried to compile iHash hasher.
> This is freely available java class hash software.
> It has successully compiled but when it runned it crashed.

I stepped through the beginning of the program, and found that it
tries to get and use the java.class.path property - one which we don't
set right now.

Here's a work around patch that lets iHash run correctly:

diff -u -r1.7
---        1999/05/17 13:24:59     1.7
+++        1999/05/23 17:54:44
@@ -247,7 +247,7 @@
   SET ("java.class.version", GCJVERSION);
   // FIXME: how to set these given location-independence?
   // SET ("java.home", "FIXME");
-  // SET ("java.class.path", "FIXME");
+  SET ("java.class.path", ".");
   SET ("file.encoding", default_file_encoding);

An intermediate solution would be to set these properties at configure
time.  The real problem is that we like our tools to be location
independent - allowing you to move install trees from one place to
another and still have them work.  Maybe we should set these
properties at link time via jvgenmain?  I think that might work.


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                                                       Sunnyvale, California

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