libjava installation problem!

Tom Tromey
Tue May 18 11:23:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Manosiz" == Manosiz Bhattacharyya <> writes:

Manosiz> I tried the installation from a directory outside the source
Manosiz> tree and still it keeps on giving the same error while
Manosiz> installation. It wants an -lgcj.

The problem is that your link is missing a -L option.  We need to find
out why.

Manosiz> Do I have to include something in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH of my
Manosiz> system before making the directories, or do I have to change
Manosiz> the specs file manually for -lgcj.

No and no.

Manosiz> What is the -R option at the end? This is not commonly seen
Manosiz> in gcc or g++. Is this a special feature of gcj?

I believe -R is used by the linker to determine where to find shared
libraries at runtime.  libtool generates this.


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